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SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 4 by Cerika13 SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 4 :iconcerika13:Cerika13 8 0 SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 3 by Cerika13 SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 3 :iconcerika13:Cerika13 9 0 SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 2 by Cerika13 SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 2 :iconcerika13:Cerika13 6 0 SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 1 by Cerika13 SoXion: No Strings Attached Page 1 :iconcerika13:Cerika13 9 0
RokuNami: The Other Half
It was a cold night since the Hikari twins were back at Twilight Town to celebrate their Christmas. Every Christmas they go to Twilight Town with their family and friends. They could only visit once in a year.
"Hey Sora! Can you hand me some more ornaments?" Roxas called while he was attaching the handmade ornaments on their Christmas tree. It was six feet tall so he stood on a stool.
"Hang on, I'm still looking." his brother was at the kitchen. "Oh here they are. . . whoah look at this!" Roxas gave a curious look. Then Sora came out running with a plastic yellow object on his hand, raising it above.
"Hey! It's your- ack!" he didn't noticed a gift wrapper lying on the ground which made him slide and fell on the floor.
Roxas gasped as the object flew when he realized what it was.
Sora looked up but he didn't catch it. The object smashed to the ground.
"Uh. . . oh. . ."
Roxas stared at the object.
It's my star.
"Roxas! I'm so sorry! Really I am!" Sora begged as he dropped
:iconcerika13:Cerika13 8 2
Merry Christmas!! by Cerika13 Merry Christmas!! :iconcerika13:Cerika13 37 19
SoKai: She's Lost in Stereo
The doors flung open. An auburn hair girl wearing a white tank top and short red skirt entered. She glanced the bar and takes a sexy step.
The music stopped. Almost every guy stopped what they were doing and stared at her in awe. The girls had the envy look.
"Hey, it's the hot chick!" some guy muttered to his friend.
"Hold my drink, I gotta go gussy myself up." another guy whispered.
Wherever she goes, she was the one that guys looked up at. And it is hard to resist her physical appearance.
A silky gray-half-cut-hair guy was watching the girl as she walks to her friends.
"Well look who we have here!" he stated.
A brunette, and two identical blonde twin gazed at the girl. The brunette felt his heart took a big leap.
She's here!!
The brunette almost fell down from his knees, but his cousin balanced him up.
"Thanks Roxas."
"Hey Sora, your soon-to-be-girlfriend is here." He teased.
Sora glared at his cousin but it made him smile on the inside.
Why is it so hard to ask her out?!
:iconcerika13:Cerika13 10 2
The Girl Who Never Grew Up
She's a girl that lives in a cottage
Living with only her father, no sibling
She goes out with a teddy bear on her hand
She says, "He is my best friend!"
She's a girl that leaves trails behind
Inside the woods, a gingerbread house she finds
She's a girl that can speak to bunnies
Only to be fooled by a dummy
She's a girl that was trapped inside a tower
Hoping her prince charming will come to rescue her
She's a girl who took a bite from an apple
Her hair is much more longer than Rapunzel
She's a girl that protects the woods
She acts like the red riding hood
She's a girl that can swing a vine from a tree
She told her best friend "I saved my country!"
She says, "I am not afraid of monsters,"
"I am not afraid of heights either!"
Her bestfriend thought that she's getting insane.
She told him, "Not to worry, I'm still the same."
She's a girl that climbs up the beanstalk
She thinks that animals can talk
She's a girl that was fooled by an imp
Only to find that its name was Rumpelstiltskin
:iconcerika13:Cerika13 2 1
Kairi Photoshop Walkthrough by Cerika13 Kairi Photoshop Walkthrough :iconcerika13:Cerika13 11 0 .:Snowflake:. by Cerika13 .:Snowflake:. :iconcerika13:Cerika13 29 6 Happy RikuNami Day!! by Cerika13 Happy RikuNami Day!! :iconcerika13:Cerika13 52 14 . : Share : . by Cerika13 . : Share : . :iconcerika13:Cerika13 26 10 New DevID Dec 2012 by Cerika13 New DevID Dec 2012 :iconcerika13:Cerika13 2 0 Colors and Sketches by Cerika13 Colors and Sketches :iconcerika13:Cerika13 72 31 I Am Your Hero by Cerika13 I Am Your Hero :iconcerika13:Cerika13 36 9 . : {Rose for You} : . by Cerika13 . : {Rose for You} : . :iconcerika13:Cerika13 49 21


Sans from undertale, render by Nibroc-Rock Sans from undertale, render :iconnibroc-rock:Nibroc-Rock 1,506 222 Levi/Mikasa The Mighty Fall [RivaMika] by Moonlessnight126 Levi/Mikasa The Mighty Fall [RivaMika] :iconmoonlessnight126:Moonlessnight126 46 11 Attack On Titan by vicissiJuice Attack On Titan :iconvicissijuice:vicissiJuice 4,233 161 Yuno Gasai:::::::: by Witchiko Yuno Gasai:::::::: :iconwitchiko:Witchiko 163 37 THE DARKNESS IN THE DEEP by AlexanderLevett THE DARKNESS IN THE DEEP :iconalexanderlevett:AlexanderLevett 1,729 772 Waiting at the wrong bus stop by david-sladek Waiting at the wrong bus stop :icondavid-sladek:david-sladek 18,527 1,489 Untitled by trinafool Untitled :icontrinafool:trinafool 357 123 The Candlemen Will Come For You by CatCouch The Candlemen Will Come For You :iconcatcouch:CatCouch 313 150 Lights Are Better by MorgansMutations Lights Are Better :iconmorgansmutations:MorgansMutations 674 107 Sleep Tight by R-Tan Sleep Tight :iconr-tan:R-Tan 1,027 78 My Heart's a Stereo by SelectYourself My Heart's a Stereo :iconselectyourself:SelectYourself 64 66 Dark Room by RyanWC Dark Room :iconryanwc:RyanWC 538 154 The Further by davidcombs76 The Further :icondavidcombs76:davidcombs76 449 89 Sora by Kairi927 Sora :iconkairi927:Kairi927 38 4 Kingdom Hearts III: Sora by Cate397 Kingdom Hearts III: Sora :iconcate397:Cate397 200 59


Okay, I don't really do this but I'll try. I promise I'll go easy. First off, I like how you posed Xemnas, makes him look like his cont...



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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys!! :iconchristmastimeplz: :iconlachristmasplz:

In our country, there's only five hours before Christmas day. I'm from the Philippines. XD I'm a Filipino 8D

I won't be online tomorrow nor the next day but I will be leaving a fanfic and MMD pic later for Christmas.

Also, last two months I posted a journal about my SoXion flash comic. Well I should have posted it on the last week of October but due to my laziness and lack of inspiration to continue. . . the pictures are finished but. . .  I've been having a hard time with Adobe Flash.Seriously!! It's so difficult to create a flash comic!!:iconimdeadplz:

But I promise!! I won't create another MMD pic unless I finish it!! :X :XD:

And I have a MMD project coming up next year. I'll tell you when I'm ready.

Well that's about it!! Once again. . . Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!! :XD:
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  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory
  • Drinking: coffee


Hi! My name is Cerika(not my real name). Sixteen years old, senior year. And I'm from the Philippines.

So I just post MMD pictures here in da. I also write whenever I have an idea.

There are things you should know before you start commenting my profile or art. First of all, I have mild Asperger Syndrome. I am pretty quiet when it comes to reality. I have few friends on the virtual world because I'm not sociable. I really take jokes and insults seriously. I don't like to be making fun of so please, do not try to insult me. I am pretty sensitive and clumsy too. Also I have a hard time to understand things or stories. I think it's part of AS. Also I have a wild imagination. I love to organize my computer. I am not good when it comes to reality. (like doing chores and shit) I am quite childish too.

Second, :thumb82276434:, Girl-Gamer Stamp by BowChickaBowWow (I love to use stamps btw XD)
I usually like playing games with my PS2 and my PC.
I love Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Final Fantasy.
I am pretty wild whenever I play games. I get scared at SH2 and Fatal Frame that I haven't yet finished the game yet XD.

Only thing I hate about is the fandom and JB and 1D. (no offense fans, I don't insult them. I just don't like their music, that's all) also KPOP. Don't you better get mad, I IGNORE when I see stuffs like that.

My music is alternative rock, classical and Adele Stamp by lightpurge
I don't listen to pop or rap unless it has a good meaning and lyrics. Not partying or love or shit.
But I really love Akira Yamaoka's composition. Definitely relaxes my mood that I want to think of deadly things. xD

I don't watch tv shows cause I spend my time on the computer playing games. Sometimes I would watch dl'd movies. I prefer romance, comedy and horror movies.

My favorite characters: Asuka Kazama Stamp by ScionChibi Sora Stamp by Addicted-Squared Roxas fan stamp by AnimalSam :thumb317312424: :thumb254716404: Aerith :: Stamp by Saphitri Zack Fair by Fyi-Sus Final Fantasy X  1 by princess-femi-stamps Claire Redfield fan by QuidxProxQuo Yuna Stamp by HamsterLillu

Well I have nothing else to say so. . . STAMP WARS!! XD
... stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz
Too Many Stamps Stamp by blackangelyume looking into collections stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Stamps Stamp by JetProwerTheFox
Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123

Complete Sentences stamp by barefootphotos:thumb146244215: Religion by MaruLovesStamps Support Creativity by Putri-984 I Suck At Math Stamp by GriffSGirl My Attitude by Fyi-Sus Don't Sleep Enough by Stampernaut:thumb175756217: In Support of Fans by Kamden Stamp by zombieteddybear JB and his fangirls stamp by GardianGoddess PewDiePie - Here Comes The Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler Run Away Stamp by Mirz123 STAMP: Nice Artists ROCK by Mottenfest Enemies ::stamp:: by Shiritsu Fandom Stamp by sonic2344:thumb94952772:

stamp by Yacio
Music Stamp by MrAwesomeArtist My type of girl - stamp by OfficiallyAbi Stamp by Cetix Voice Actor Stamp by Vanhelsing1117 More than romance - stamp by JessKat-art Why You Should Fantard Stamp by dawnbest:thumb166601304: Be Happy - Stamp by pincel3d Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123 Single Stamp by HanakoFairhall Why? stamp by aftersunsets Videogame Music Stamp by RiniUsagiToSLove Art Block Stamp by Khrinx Not the Only One by fear-the-brilliance stamp - i support my own style by oceanmandarin:thumb57213782: Im a fangirl by saesama
Female Gamer by kiddietyte Disconnected Stamp by SparklyDest Unable to Care Stamp by SparklyDest Autism Stamp by jocund-slumber Myspace Stamp by StephiLynn The Money Stamp by Busiris:thumb70980953: All the Good Men Stamp by Neyjour XD Stamp by MimiMarieT Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume I Love Red Hair by Zimmette-Stock I luff chocolate by prosaix
PC love stamp by Jerret-the-Ferret:thumb114507454:
Gamer Stamp by ClefairyKid I Love 80s Music by AshPnX Classical Music Stamp by xrealisticx Can't stop deviantart-ing by prosaix [STAMP] Gore Games by Emfen freak Stamp by zilla774 Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05 :thumb147813527: Being Childish Stamp by Creativeness
Cartoon Watcher Stamp by Toonfreak I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Horror Movie Stamp by anastasia-black
Anti-Bashing stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps :thumb267107290: I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d Troll Stamp. by VaselineCats Talking stamp by Firework154 Daily... by prosaix
I cannot draw by prosaix Never... by prosaix Girl Gamer Stamp by Eisoptrophobic:thumb70246840: Rock on Stamp by l-a-ll-o School Days stamp by scrillzbee Death Note stamp by TheEmoBunneh:thumb317317694: I Support Chocolate Stamp by JunkbyJen The power of flight by prosaix Google stamp by teblad Anti Twilight Series - Stamp by CorenB

Kairi Stamp by Niji-iro Namine Stamp by Niji-iro Roxas Stamp by Niji-iro Sora Stamp by Niji-iro Roxas Stamp by FlameSalvo sora_stamp by shadow-and-cynder Kingdom Hearts 2 xlove by HavickArt I need a GF like Claire by Aletheiia90 Let me Live stamp by VickyxRedfield:thumb70379492: Zack Stamp by lightpurge Zack x Aeris Stamp by Before-I-Sleep Cute sora by blueaqua77:thumb149206566: Bloodstained Hands -Heather- by QuidxProxQuo I support Steve x Claire by Sheenah
WoW Addict by Sandi3d Haruhi - Lucky star Cosplay by Baka-Monkey Stamp. by Shendificator KH Purity Stamp by RoxyRoo

Keep Calm Stamp by Kezzi-Rose


:iconkairi-fans: :iconkairi-club: :iconroxirinamorarionfc: :iconrikunami-fc:


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